5 Days of Flexibility

Daily stretches to increase the range of movement in your body

Do you have tightness and tension in your hamstrings, hips, or back?

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Leverage the power of accountability to transform your flexibility and reduce pain in your body.

During the 5 days, you will learn stretches and incorporate deep breathing to increase your flexibility and reduce tension in the body. We will focus on the hamstrings, hips, back, and more.

But, why is flexibility important?

Flexibility improves range of motion, posture, and circulation and it can reduce body pain.

Long hours of sitting, standing, or muscle-building workouts are making us stiff. These daily stretches will increase your mobility to maximize the quality of your body and life.

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Each day, you will gain access to a video demo with step-by-step instructions of a stretch. You'll learn how to safely stretch and use modifications to maximize the benefits.


Upon completion of the journey, you will have a 5-day stretching routine that focuses on a targeted area of the body each day. Also, you will have the knowledge and confidence to keep moving forward on your flexibility journey. Information on the time of day and how often to stretch will be included.


  • Want to increase your flexibility but don't know where to start
  • Want to improve your posture and functional movement to reduce the risk of injury and reduce pain in the body
  • Want to use holistic tools to maximize your wellness in 2020 and beyond

The stretches are appropriate for all levels of fitness and they are intended to supplement not replace other yoga and exercise activities.

Your Teacher

Carla Christine (Medellin, Colombia)
Carla Christine (Medellin, Colombia)

Carla Christine is a certified yoga teacher and holistic wellness advocate. After 10+ years working as an electrical engineer, she quit her job to create this website, Yoga Green Book, to help black folks maximize their fitness, flexibility, and inner chill thorough yoga. It has been featured in The New York Times, Black Enterprise, 21Ninety, BlackDoctor.org, theGrio, and more.

Carla started practicing yoga in 2011 after suffering from debilitating anxiety. Following her first class, she recognized yoga had the ability to aid in self-healing. After year-long training, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. She considers herself a lifelong yoga student and continues to expand her knowledge in yoga philosophy and asana through regular trainings and workshops.

Her classes create a safe space to foster an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. She designs classes based on students' needs.

Currently, Carla lives in the Houston-area, with her husband and babies. She strives to connect and practice with yogis worldwide.

Read more about Yoga Green Book here.