Centering & Gratitude (10 min)

A Self-Study & Self-Intimacy Practice

Jasiri created this class to answer the question - what is needed most right now in our current reality? This centering and gratitude practice is a brief and accessible practice where you take time to be with yourself intentionally to include a moment of stillness, self check-in and offering yourself loving touch and connection. It’s always necessary to connect with yourself so that (you) choose choices for yourself and your life, that’s essential to sustaining high vibration living. Others benefit from our practice also when they're in the experience of you being authentically present.

This class is for All Levels.


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Jasiri Nkalati (Washington, D.C.)
Jasiri Nkalati (Washington, D.C.)

I am Jasiri Nkalati. I support womb holders in restoring their connection to themselves.

I am a teacher, author and speaker, here to support them in their personal inward journey. As a teacher, my objective is to guide others through the process of unfolding and existing in the truth of each moment as they are.

I design and facilitate courses and programs exploring self study and self intimacy for womb holders all around the globe. I support them in assessing, formulating and enhancing their living practice relative to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.