Supported Flow (30 min)

Wall, Chair, and Block Propped Yoga

This is a modified session for the beginner or anyone who simply needs or wants physical support for their yoga practice. Today we flow through fundamental poses and sequences using the wall and optionally a chair and/or a block. Specific asana featured include Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), Trikonasana (Triangle), Vrksasana (Tree), and Malasana (Garland Pose). Like our March session, using supports allows us to practice the perception of security until we feel capable of knowing our birthright through experience. Off the mat and into the world we flow!

This is a Level 1 class.


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Shani (“Dr. OM”) Ojukwu Mantenso (Clarksville, TN)
Shani (“Dr. OM”) Ojukwu Mantenso (Clarksville, TN)

Shani (“Dr. OM”) Ojukwu Mantenso is the Principal Movement Specialist with Hadiya Movement Systems, a private virtual movement studio. A gymnast, dancer, and Ph.D. in Performance Studies, Shani is also a yoga teacher-healer trained and certified in trauma-sensitive MindBody Centering Yoga. Along with other movement forms like Pilates, barre/basic ballet, functional calisthenics, and tumbling fundamentals she offers through HMS, Shani is privileged to provide spirit-based and trauma-informed asana as an adjunctive therapy and mode of somatic centering, cultivation, and joy. Herself on a healing journey from depression, domestic abuse, complex PTSD, and global white supremacy/racial capitalism, Shani is a proud and self-proclaimed “wounded healer.” Through her intentional observance of the eight limbs of yoga, Shani Ojukwu Mantenso has dedicated her personal and professional life to creating the optimal conditions of possibility for freedom for herself and others—mind, body, and spirit.