Yoga for Wellness with Tamia (60min)

Gentle poses from belly breathing to Savasana

Yoga for wellness is a four part series that supports emotional and physical wellness by journeying through breath work, seated twists, standing poses, balancing poses, and supine restorative poses. This class was created with the beginning practitioner in mind but is useful for all levels.

This is a Level 1 class.

Your Teacher

Tamia A. McEwen (Vero Beach, FL)
Tamia A. McEwen (Vero Beach, FL)

Tamia A. McEwen is a wellness education specialist, veteran educator, literacy specialist and Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT). She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Curriculum & Instruction (C&I), Masters of Arts (MA) in Secondary Reading, and 200-hour Certification in Vinyasa Yoga.

Her passion is wellness, more specifically maintaining mental and physical wellness through a holistic lifestyle. Though she does not declare herself a sage, she is committed to being both a student and a teacher of wellness for the rest of her life. Even as an educator for over 22 years, she had an underlined theme of supporting the entire learner. Whether through journaling, positive self-talk, incorporating the arts in English and Reading or ushering in movement and play, she constantly sought to use every means to catapult her students to success. She personally sought yoga as a means to continue what she calls the “Heart Work” of educating. Her desire is to provide tools for people to be able to do the good they desire to do without “dying of the vine.”

Intentional wellness is her means of creating space for mind body balance, showing up in the world as our best selves to do as much good as we can for as long as we can. She provides holistic wellness support through Be Well, Friends LLC and can be contacted through [email protected] or followed on