Kemetic Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain (30 min)

Tutorial and discussion of four simple remedies that you can do at home

Welcome to a walkthrough of how to effectively resolve chronic neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. We will delve into what the root of what causes such pain, and explore four tangible remedies from trigger-release massage to Kemetic yoga, so that you don’t have to go through life in pain. Kemetic yoga is the origin of all yoga styles and is one of the most ancient holistic healing practices that revolves around your connection with yourself-- Pure Being. How your neck and shoulders align during and beyond your practice plays a huge part in your everyday life. May this practice be dedicated to your healing. It’s time to step into your greatest potentials, and Feel Free To BE...

Note: This class focuses more on a walkthrough and discussion of poses and not movement.

This is an All Levels class.


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Hortencia Campbell (Austin, TX)
Hortencia Campbell (Austin, TX)

After witnessing her mother use self-awareness practices and an alkaline, plant-based diet to cure herself of a rare form of cancer and type 2 diabetes, the trajectory of Hortencia "Tenci" Campbell's life changed forever.

That day planted a seed in her of devotion to holistic wellness that inspires others to create their own well-being, define their own destiny, live for freedom, and feel free to BE... any and everything they choose. She began her path of holistic living and transforming both her life and the lives of others through what Ufulu Child calls the Freedom Lifestyle.

Tenci is a Certified Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga Teacher, a holistic healer, a performing artist, and above all, a Freedom Seeker. Tenci and her husband, Maurice "Sol Xprsn" Clark, have created, Ufulu Child, a home for Freedom Seekers worldwide rooted in handcrafted arts and wellness experiences.

Ufulu Child's mission is to show you that your everlasting joy comes from within. Their book is a tap on the shoulder to remind you of your greatness. If you are interested in healing through yoga, building a healthy lifestyle that actually works for you, and embodying freedom from limitation, but you don't know where to start... Then this Ultimate Checklist is for you!

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